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With more than 25 years of experience in the timber and commodity trading industry, Mr. S P Biyani incorporated Nirmala International Pte Ltd in 2011. He started trading teak in 1996 from Ghana and Ivory Coast. In 1998 he started exploring opportunities in South America and was amazed at the scale at which teak was planted there. He was convinced that South America was the future of teak.

After setting up his operational base in Ecuador, he was the pioneer to export teak logs in containers from Ecuador to India. Thereafter he expanded to Panama, Costa Rica, El-Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico in South America. Today, Nirmala is among the top traders in Teak Wood industry.

At Nirmala, we also trade in hardwoods from Malaysia, Indonesia and Raw Cashew Nut from Africa and Eucalyptus Core Veneer from Asia.

Our Values

“ A successful trade is one that benefits all the parties involved” – S P Biyani.

Here at Nirmala, we firmly believe that a successful trade, benefits all the parties involved. We keep this belief at the core of all our dealings, whether big or small. We are proud to say that this has helped us to maintain long-term relationships with our counterparts, so much so that now we are now doing business with the 2nd generation.

The value emphasis on long-term business relationships ensures that we will never sell sub-standard products to our customers.

Garbage in is garbage out. Quality in is Quality out. What we load at the source is what our buyer will receive. There is no way of changing it in between. Hence, we ensure quality and quantity at the point of loading is what we desire to deliver to our customers.

Our Team

S P Biyani


Extensively traveled and a seasoned businessman, S P Biyani has been at the heart of the timber trade for the past 27 years. He started his career with a well-known international trading house in India. During his tenure there, he traded in agro commodities from China and timber from Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Gabon, Cameroon and other countries.

In the mid 90’s he established his own timber trading business. Along with dealing in hardwoods from various continents, he started trading in teak and today; he is a well-known figure in the teak industry. Due to his extensive experience in this business, he has garnered good business relationship with both suppliers and buyers, which has positioned Nirmala as one of the leading suppliers of quality plantation teak.

Himanshu Biyani

General Manager

After finishing his bachelor studies, Himanshu traveled extensively in South America and India to understand the practicalities of timber trading at field level. In early 2004 he moved to Singapore to learn the intricacies of wood supply chain management and become adept at the family business.

Himanshu completed his MSc in Finance from Manchester Business School in 2005 with excellence, further honing his business competence. He now heads the Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) and the Eucalyptus Core Veneer business, as well as manages the general Teak supply chain.

Awards / Certificates

  • GOLD Sponsor at the 3rd World Teak Conference 2015

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